Care For your Hair

Mink Mania

Care For your Hair

Receiving Your Hair 

      When hair has been received inspect all bundles, closures, and frontals as is (BEFORE INSTALLING.) Leave all items purchased intact and if there should be any problems they should be noticed at this moment. Mink Mania highly recommend sealing your wefts. Sealing your wefts will add longevity to your Mink Mania investment.


       Mink Mania offers 100% mink Brazilian extensions and recommend co-washing hair before installing. Before making any fabulously drastic changes to your hair (perm,color,etc) co-washing is highly looked upon.

Step 1.) Wet hair and apply shampoo. Wash and rinse shampoo about two to three times before adding conditioner.

Step 2.) Ensure that all shampoo has been thoroughly rinsed from hair using cool to warm water.

Step 3.) Once shampoo is completely removed add conditioner to hair and comb with a wide tooth comb from root to tip.

Step 4.) With conditioner still on hair place hair in a microwavable bowl and place the bowl in the microwave for five to ten seconds. Remove bowl and let sit for ten more seconds or until cooled. Thoroughly rinse conditioner from hair using cool to warm water.

Step 5.) Hang and let hair air dry. 

Step 6.) Install and enjoy being a #MinkManiac !!! 

Daily Maintenance

       For wavy and curly textures spray bottles of water for your natural wavy or curly look is highly recommended. To enhance that wet wavy or wet curly look a leave in conditioner and water are recommended. Staying away from alcohol based products are key to keeping your hairs natural shine.